In Basque, the number eleven (hamaika) is also used to refer to multitude. With the aim of promoting that diversity, 
Marga Berra Zubieta invited eleven polyglots from San 
Sebastian to take part in several workshops and to play with words. The In varietate concordia project wishes to build phonetic bridges between the Basque language, Spanish, English, Catalan, Polish, Albanian, Czech, Finnish, 
Wolof and Arabic. Katu katu & co is the result of these phonetic-poetic meetings.

There are words that can be pronounced in the same way as other words in other languages, but have a completely different meaning. Playing with this coincidence is tempting. In varietate concordia does just that. It crosses borders and builds bridges between languages in order to play with homophony. Different languages, but identical sounds. Different meanings, but similar words.

Thanks to the participation of eleven polyglots from San Sebastian, phonetic correspondences between eleven languages have been determined playing with the translations.

There are three stages to this game. One, finding homophones during the workshops; two, writing and matching sentences and a story ; and three, bringing them to life on the page of the book Katu katu & co or on the posters which will displayed on the streets of San Sebastian between May and September 2016

The aim is to share the result of this study with readers, passers-by and spectators, who are invited to play with these phonetic-poetic meetings.