A cat lives in a squared street. Maybe he’s a street cat. He isn’t old and he doesn’t like bread, nor discounts. He has one hundred dreams: to see the northern moonlight, to spend the
summer with a Norwegian... He heads for the bay where he sees a cow.
Who are you? the cow asks him.
— I am the cat, but silence.
Where would you like to sleep?
— In the moon’s neck.
— Alright, goodbye then. Kiss.
The night passes quickly, without the fear of even one bat with a bat on its neck.
He wakes up happy, next to a vulture that is about to be born. Yes, he will open his beak 
for the first time, without fear.
The cat decides to go toward the coast to vainly drown his cold thirst in the happy sea.
Some shy women live around there: six clean, and seven with thirst.
They have tea with a lamb and a shy vulture. Another vulture quickly eats a shoulder soup, 
its lunch of the year. The same as last year’s and the same as next year’s.
The cat is about to want cake. Is he going to want to try the cake with his fingertip?
He goes on a sea voyage in a rudderless vessel with a fairy, a man who had a breakdown 
and a debt of a bunch of bread. What better way to make his day?
The son’s girl announces that cats have to « make love to the executioner".
"Damned catchphrase, – he thinks to himself –. "What type of soul must they have?"
While picking up a hook to bait with bread and ham, the tired son tells him: 
« You are a sinner". But he turns a deaf ear, like the son of a man without sin.
Under a rock that’s been there for many years, the cat discovers a naive knife and another knife with a blade covered in foam. The moose leaves them there every year.
He also finds money and a bracelet that he takes for the lamb. "This will be our ring" 
he thinks. He heads for the forge but a wave drags him out to sea and he finds himself alone in its immensity for awhile. «I think my skin is going to get cut up by the sand grains’ weight", he says. But will he have a rash? He won’t feel thirst any longer.
Later, he takes a few steps toward a pond and finds the cow and the soapy lamb.
You’re here too ?
— Do you want to see our wool work ?
No, I am not a mosquito.
He takes the lamb on his knees and proposes that they change their house, that they change their cupola. The lamb remains dumb and after swallowing all of his spit he says:
« Yes, alright, I agree". He wants to be a father and have a son who he can teach what
an ion is. They agree to put a dot on a calendar date and they go to the city hall.
The couple decides to go to the gameland, so that they could laugh at least three times a day. They will never stop discovering the world, without being stressed nor fearful and without saying bye to each other ever again.