Katu katu & co shows all the process of in varietate concordia.
Foreworded by Pierre di Sciullo, the book presents the participants, describes the wokshops, the corpus of homophones, the sentences and the story written using the words we found. It is a game and we understand the rules turning the pages: we discover the meaning of the sentence in a second time. The poster shows all the relations between the words, both phonetic links or translations. → fonetikagrafika

Katu katu & co
80 pages • 16,5 x 24 cm
You can order the book here!
It is also available in all the Elkar bookstores (Donostia, Bilbao, Vitoria, Irun, Baiona, Pamplona...) and in several bookstores of Donostia (Garoa, Hontza), Hendaye (Berriketa) or Paris (Le Monte-en-l’air).